Monday, August 24, 2015

Who needs a fiduciary bond?

A fiduciary bond is needed by persons in certain circumstances, such as when you need one for a probate matter.  In these cases, a probate bond (which is a specialized type of fiduciary bond) is required by statute and guarantees that the probate administrator does not abscond with funds from the estate.See more at the article below.See our Blogspot page here.See our Tumblr page here. Bonds – Who Needs Them?As a fiduciary, you may be required, or may want, to obtain a fiduciary bond before you are permitted to serve as a fiduciary. Fiduciary bonds are also known as probate bonds, executor bonds, administrator bonds, conservatorship bonds, guardianship bonds, and many others, depending on the nature of the fiduciary relationship.What is a Fiduciary Bond?A fiduciary bond is a legal instrument that essentially serves as insurance to protect beneficiaries, heirs and creditors when a fiduciary fails to perform ho

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