Friday, September 11, 2015

Government Contracting and Bid Bonds

Below is a great article on a bid bond and how that works.  It talks about the ban from government contracting and the bid bond process.  Specifically, it talks about how the winning bidder must act and how the bid bond works for suppliers, vendors, etc.See more at the article below.See our Twitter page here.See our Delicious page here.Hundreds of crooks snagged Katrina-relief moneyThe period of limitation with respect to ban from bidding government contract and recovery of the refunded or returned bid bond Where a procuring entity finds that a supplier meets one of the circumstances prescribed in Article 101 of the Government Procurement Act, the entity shall publish the name of the supplier and the relevant circumstance on the Government Procurement Gazette, which prohibits the supplier from participating in tendering, or being awarded or sub-contracted, within one year or three years (usually called ban from bidding government contract ). Since the Government Procurement Act doe

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