Monday, August 24, 2015

Breach of contract – Surety Bond troubles

Contractual relationships rule the day.That s the real lesson in performance surety work.  It s all about how the contracts are worded and whether the parties adhere to the contracts.  In the article below, the contractor was unhappy with the water board because they did not extend the time limit, per the terms of the contract.See our Delicious page here.See our Tumblr page here. and Water Board sued by construction company for alleged $1 million-plus breach of contractA construction company is suing the Sewerage & Water Board for breaching contract in several ways and failing to pay the proper amount for work completed. W.L Wyman Construction Company, Inc. filed suit against Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans in the Orleans Parish First Civil District Court on June 19.The plaintiff claims that it entered into a contract with th

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