Friday, September 11, 2015

The bond that changed history

How a Bond Changed HistoryThe numismaster site has a great article on how a surety bond changed history.  This surety bond, on the behalf of Voight, was not signed by the person that everyone that it was, but instead by four other individuals (that s just crazy and amazing).  This 221 year old document changes how history is viewed.See more at the article below.See our Twitter page here.See our Tumblr page here. changes historyAs a researcher of the technology, processes, implementation standards and people that worked at the first United States Mint, I have read many publications on a wide variety of Mint-related subjects.The general belief, without any supporting evidence, has long been that David Rittenhouse (the first director of the Mint) posted the surety bond for Henry Voigt (the first Chief Coiner of the Mint). We now know that David Rittenhouse did not post Voigt’s surety bond. Voigt’s surety

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