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Free Your Time – Two easy ways to Save Your Life(style)

I truly believe that most work area employees who spend 60 hours a week at work – each and every week – could easily reduce this to 40-45 hours by sending 2 emails a week to their boss.

Here’s the lifestyle blueprint:

E-mail # 1: Exactly what you intend on getting done this week.


Email # 2: Exactly what you really got done this week.


That’s it. These 2 emails will prevent you from sitting in your chair 60 hrs a week, while improving your relationship with your boss and getting the most effective job you have actually ever before done.


Below’s exactly what E-mail # 1 appears like:


Subject: My plan for the week.

Dear Boss:

Below is a list of my important tasks for the week in order of top priority. Let me understand if you believe I need to re-prioritize:

Planned Major Activities for the week.

1) Perform X Task.

2) Finish the economic evaluation report that was begun last week.

3) Start Job Y– needs preparation and prep paperwork production. Arranged for Thursday.


Open products that I will certainly consider, yet I will not complete by the end of the week.


1) Coordinate tasks for year-end financial close.

2) Study Y product for our communal service team.

Let me know if you have anything else that you need. Thank you!

– You.


Excuses to Not Sending These Two Emails

My Manager Knows What I am Doing

“But my manager is the one that appoints me the job! He clearly understands exactly what I’m dealing with! Why would I send him this email?”.


You are so wrong.  You cannot imagine how clearly wrong you are. Let me clue you in on a little key to your work life. Your manager barely has a concept of just what he is doing on his time – so how is he to know just what YOU are working on.  Just how self-centered of you to think he recognizes every little thing you’re investing your time on at the workplace.


Recommendation for e-mail # 1:

Limit on your own to set up 40 hours of organized work.

I have 60 Hours of Work to Do!

“But I have at the very least 60 hours of work to do. Exactly how on the planet am I visiting do it in 40 hours now? That’s difficult; you have no concept how hectic our group is right now.”


Have a look at my example e-mail # 1. Did you break your tasks into Must be done vs. Nice to be done or did you left everything into the Must be Done group?

Did you arrange yourself for 60 hrs a week or did your manager timetable you for 60 hrs of week? Think about it.

Your manager’s duty is to delegate you work that you should complete. It is not your manager’s responsibility to figure out how you handle your work. That’s YOUR job!

Reconsider. Where did this idea of you have 60 hrs of work to do come from? Did it come from your employer, or did it originate from you?

I really did not think you had 60 hours of job to do, and neither should you.

I’m Indispensable!

” I’m being straightforward with you. I have at least 60 hours of work to do. I function non-stop and I work during my lunch time. I’ve attempted your dumb little classification technique also, and it doesn’t work. My work just isn’t getting any kind of lighter at any time quickly. I’m pretty certain you reside in this dream world where you could tell your employer that you would simply prefer to look good 40 hours a week and he’ll enjoy with it. I am THAT busy and my employer ANTICIPATES me to function non-stop.”

Look, I understand you. I have actually been there. However prior to I accept that there is nothing you can do, let me ask you one question:


Let’s imagine that on Wednesday mid-day, a family emergency pops up and it forces you to take the rest of the week off till the upcoming Monday. Every little thing you were working with Wednesday came to a halt. Meetings were canceled and deliverable dates were missed out on. The rest of your workweek was ruined.

Just what takes place on Monday morning when you return to the workplace?

Are your documents still there? Do you still have a job? Are your co-workers still there?

What concerning the deliverables that scheduled on Thursday that you could not complete and you were the only one that knew the best ways to finish it?

Did the building burn down considering that you couldn’t finish them? I’m suspecting none of this occurred.

On Monday early morning, you picked up exactly where you left off and presume exactly what: Everything was OKAY. The deliverables straggle, yet it’s OKAY since everybody knew you had a family emergency situation to take care of. Assumptions were established and as a result of your family emergency, you might not finish the deliverables. So, in truth the deliverables were never ever late due to the fact that you set assumptions that you couldn’t complete them. New expectations were set on when you can deliver them.


Take that exact same exact circumstance and change a family members emergency situation with you simply vanishing for 3 days without saying to any individual where you went.

Exactly how does that transform your Monday morning when you show up?

It will probably wind up something like this.

Due to the fact that you really did not complete your deliverables you screwed up everybody’s schedule! They rely upon you, and you simply destroyed it! They hung around daily to get the data and you never provided it. Now you’re working extra hrs due to the fact that everyone is waiting on you. Just what a jerk you are.


Assumptions are powerful. Instead of a family emergency, established assumptions on Monday morning and enjoy exactly how everybody around you adjusts to YOUR timetable. Watch just how your 60-hour week develops into a 40-hour week and nobody will certainly see a thing.

The better you are setting assumptions at Monday morning, the less complicated your life becomes. If you prepare for 40 hrs, you could acquire your planned work done in 40 hours and nobody will complain that you aren’t working 60 hrs. As a matter of fact, you have actually made everyone else’s life much easier due to the fact that they could now plan around you!


E-mail # 2 on Friday: Exactly what you got done this week.


It looks something like this:


Completed this week.

Completed X Report.

Began the preparing for the big project.

Finished the month-end evaluation and provided to financial controller for assessment.

Made a first draft of the project charter, which is presently being examined by Project Manager Z.

Open items.

I have some inquiries about the kick off day of Y Task, however need to get verification by Tuesday early morning.

We need X Report signed off by EOD next Wednesday. Can you follow-up with Jane to get this signed off?

That all for now. Have an excellent weekend.

– You.


This Friday report is so straightforward and effective; it’s amazing that people merely leave on Friday without send this to their boss.


This report does two points very well: It offers closure to the week and gives your manager an idea of what you can finish in a week. In shorts, it establishes assumptions!

Idea for Email # 2.

Focus on what you finished first and open issues 2nd.

Consistently end Friday on an excellent note. If you have concerns introduce that up on Monday early morning. Do not worry your manager out all week, and it will certainly stress you out also.


Two emails can easily change how you schedule your life.  It moves you from being in your chair 60 hours a week to getting things done in the 40 hours that you are there.  More importantly, your boss will appreciate what you are doing more and consider you a better employee.


 Gary Swiftbonds, Our short bio

Free Your Time – Two easy ways to Save Your Life(style)

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